My name is Holly Smucker and I have been teaching for approximately five years in a variety of contexts around the world. My career has taken me to three continents, two of which I have taught full time. As an Oregon-licensed, ESOL-endorsed and soon to be reading specialist-endorsed teacher, I bring not only training in these areas to my teaching, but also the experience of working with diverse populations in multicultural/multilingual teaching contexts. I regularly collaborate with a variety of professionals in cross-cultural settings to bring the best education possible for my students. Additionally, I am a teacher leader who shares my knowledge and experience at both the school-wide and district-wide levels through a variety of workshops and one-on-one trainings.

Students are at the center of my classroom and I strive to build on their strengths to increase their confidence and experience in a variety of academic and social areas to prepare them for the future. This includes not only skills, such as utilizing technology and communicating effectively, but also the ability to think and act rationally, critically, ethically, and wisely. My classroom and role as a teacher exemplify these beliefs on a daily basis.
In addition to teaching, I enjoy the following activities: